Saturday, December 21, 2019

`` Promise, By Romeo Santos Featuring Usher - 1283 Words

There are many songs that can have can absolute value to an individual and at the same time be another persons â€Å"habitus† with relative value. The song I have chosen to analyze is â€Å"Promise†, by Romeo Santos featuring Usher. This song portrays such a situation. This specific song is one in which I self-consciously fell in love with no particular reason other then the fact that I love the music and the lyrics. In this essay I will be discussing how â€Å"Promise† can resemble absolute value to me but can be somebody else’s â€Å"habitus†, I will also brush upon DeNora’s concept of â€Å"aesthetic reflexivity† and how â€Å"promise† plays a huge role in it. The song â€Å"Promise† has huge absolute value to me, as well as a sense of ot being valued in and of itself. It is not fundamentally a sign of something else a cultural position, a style, a social status, it is a thing whose enactment makes possible the realization of a non-contingent sense of value. It is not relative to anything else, it just is valuable in and of itself (Johnson, 2002) Relating the Johnson’s idea of absolute value, I admire this song because of it’s music. With light piano music starting off the song right before Romeo’s entry, later introducing three more layers of instruments as Usher joins into the song. This song portrays a tropical theme, it very calming but up beat at the same time. This Latin American song is very romantic and passionate, perfect for partners is get up and dance the traditional salsa. This song comes

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